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Site Description
This page contains lots of files and a few good tutorials
a good site with lots of downloads.
Nice site about programming
Good site with downloads and tutorials.
Nemesis QB: Freeware, shareware, programming tutorials, and downloads.
A great resource for programming. Free code and programs.
Cool site with Games, downloads for qbasic & more!
Great site! Home of Tank wars.
Cool Site

Site Description a good site with tutorials and files. Download qb 4.5 here. a good site with many downloads. Several good versions of Qbasic to download. site! Interesting number patterns here.
www.overlord-2007.comOverlords Site. Cool site.
fieldens.tripod.comHome of ConASCII site. Tutorials files and links for qbasic, c, c++, and pascal.

Not Qbasic related sites

Site Description
www.apostolicchurch.comMy churches website a good site with lots of free stuff.